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What Can You Expect from an Equine Assisted Learning Program?

Blindman's Adventure - EAL

The EAL exercises are designed to be fun and engaging activities for everyone. These activities will build character , provide high impact learning and add laughter. Take a moment to look at the different services that are offered at Reflections Equine Assisted Learning  and call today. What you will gain is  priceless and perhaps experience some "ah-ha", moments that you didn't see coming.

Who Can Attend Reflections Equine Assisted Learning?

Our exercises are designed for YOUR personal growth in mind. You don't need horse experience to entertain the idea of handling horses. The horses in this program were carefully selected and have gentle dispositions. Our exercises start off by showing you how to handle and move horses, giving you both confidence and sense of purpose. We will cover simple tasks like how to lead a horse safely, how to keep a horse out of your space, how to move your horse through the exercises with certainty, and of course, have fun. The exercises will get more difficult as you navigate from one obstacle course to the next.  So, it is important for us that you are comfortable and safe with your teammate, the horse.  If you are up for the challenge, the horses of Reflections Equine Assisted  Learning will test you,  inspire you and may even surprise you with unexpected outcomes. 

Mental health is at the forefront of our era and REAL wants to make a positive impact by helping individuals overcome obstacles that they may be struggling with in their every day life, whether it is personal or professional. Perhaps you are a full-time mom that needs a "Ladies Night", to step away from the daily grind of packing lunches , or running your kids from one sporting event to the next. Perchance, you are a Couple that wants to explore conflict resolutions or just experience  an out-of-the-box " Date Night".  Maybe you are a First Responder or a Veteran facing crises that has led you into addictions, PTSD or withdrawing from society? Even those who maybe a corporate leader, a teacher, a student or a victim of abuse, faced with daily life choices. The exercises that we have at REAL are geared to fight those personal challenges you face daily. We are here to foster empowerment, as well as offering positive change in personal growth and development in you. It will be an experiential approach like no other, using horses, allowing  you to become the best that you can be.

Noted: At Reflections Equine Assisted Learning we offer private sessions for a group of 4 or more people customizing an event  that fits the needs and objectives for you and your friends.


It will be an experiential approach like no other.

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