Meet the Horses of REAL

Ramsey is a 12 year old Tobiano Paint gelding who has a quirky sense about him. He loves to be the center of attention, but will make you laugh. Ramsey is a  western pleasure horse, but loves his job as the class clown.

Ice is a pony in your pocket who loves, loves, attention and especially if you have treats for him. Ice is a 16 year old Tobiano Paint gelding who relishes in the work he does in the EAL program as he is patient and kind with all ages. 

Jazz has a gentle and loving personality, with strong shoulders you can laugh or cry on. He is a 18 year old Belgium X Quarter Horse, who has years of experience in the schooling ring. He is ready to work with you.

Destiny is a 16 year old registered Quarter Horse mare. She has an honest and true heart of gold. She enjoys being around people, which includes home visits to senior homes and working with REAL. Because Destiny likes her treats, she is also known as the "Cookie Monster".

Master is a 24 year old Standardbred gelding, who is loving and a goofy boy.  Even though he lost most of his eyesight, that doesn't stop him from engaging in our program as his other senses have become stronger. Not only is he famous for his funny faces, he is the Ross Ranch Mascot in the logo.

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