At Reflections Equine Assisted Learning, is all about YOU, the participant. Our mission is to offer an experiential and unique approach to teaching life skills to individuals who are struggling with mental health. We focus on First Nations Youth Groups, First Responders and those who are battling with mental health challenges. In this program it allows the individual to overcome issues of depression, anxiety, aggression and addictions. One of the ways we do this is with horses.


Horses by nature develop coping strategies with confidence and are capable of reading, or become aware of how a person is feeling before the client even understands it themselves.  The horses in our program will help explore positive & personal development through a powerful journey of learning and understanding, analyzing and developing strengths in communication, building leadership and teamwork skills, constructing confidence & self-esteem, building trust & aspiring your self-worth, and exploring conflict resolutions. We empower your greatest asset, and that is YOU!

Reflections Equine Assisted Learning is located at 5041 Notre Dame Avenue, Hanmer, Ontario. on the property of  Ross Ranch. It is owned and managed by Chanelle and Kyle Ross.


The outdoor arena allows for a natural setting, in an environment that is safe and conducive for learning to take place. There is ample parking, and the property is surrounded by many horses that would love to greet you, coniferous and hardwood trees and endless riding trails. Keep in mind, this is NOT a riding program but a hands on learning experience from the ground.

Marcia Manitowabi
Founder & Certified EAL Facilitator of Reflections Equine Assisted Learning - REAL

Marcia Manitowabi MSW RSW, Wabanung Kwe, Morning Star Woman, Bear Clan, Odawa/Ojibway Nation, from Wikwemikoong Unceded Territory. Marcia is the new proud owner of Reflections Equine Assisted Learning. Marcia is a Social Worker, Counsellor, Educator and a Certified Equine Assisted Facilitator. She has been committed to promoting the preservation of Indigenous culture and has been an advocate to improve the health and well-being for Indigenous children and families.


Connecting with our horse relatives, “Aankobinaangwaa bezhigoogzhii ezhi-nwendaasing” has been a powerful way to connect and heal. Reflections provides an experiential approach to teaching life skills using horses. Participants engage in hands on learning that advances through exercises as a team member in exploring positive development of communication, self-respect, confidence, trust, accountability and conflict resolution.